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Does the restaurant accept checks?

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No, we only accept cash and debit/credit cards.


Can I do a reservation?

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No, the restaurant doesn't do reservations. First come first serve.


What time does the
restaurant open?

For the hours and days we open, please click the "Location/Hours" button at the top of this page.

Can you reserve the patio for private dining?

No, but we can accommodate larger parties. We ask that everyone is present before being seated to ensure the best possible service.

Can we bring dessert?
(Ex. cake, pie, cupcakes, etc...)

Yes, but we cannot store or refrigerate.

We ask that you provide your own serving items, disposable plates, and silverware.


Can I bring my pet to the restaurant?

No, pets are not allowed in the restaurant. Only service animals are allowed in the restaurant.


Can we do separate checks?

No, It's one check per table.

Do you have a vegetarian menu?

Yes, to access our vegetarian menu, press the "menu" button at the top of this page.

Can we take margaritas to go?

Yes, our margaritas or other alcohlic beverages are sold in a sealed container to take home and enjoy.

Does the restaurant offer delivery?

No, orders are pick up only.

Can the restaurant do catering orders?

No, we do not offer a catering menu, for any large orders follow our menu pricing.

Does the restaurant accept mobile pay?
(Ex. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay.) 

Yes, we do accept mobile pay.

What origin is your food from?


Couldn't find your question here. No worries! Please give us a call, and we will be happy to help you answer any questions!

(925) 753-1968

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Are we allowed to bring outside food or drinks?

No, outside food and drinks.

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