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hola, amigos!

Rafael Medina & Alejandra Medina

The owners of Cocina Medina Mexcian Restaurant. 

Rafael Medina's Story

Rafael came to the US with nothing but a dream: a dream to be able to help the family he left back in Mexico. Rafael is the oldest of nine. When Rafael came to the US at only 16 years of age he took any work that came his way from landscaping, construction, roofing, etc...if there was a job, he took it!! If he didn't know how to do it he learned quickly, until one day he got a job as a dishwasher. His first day on the job he completely transformed his workstation. When his boss saw what he had accomplished in a day he automatically moved him up to a busser and that is when his love for the restaurant business began. Rafael set goals for himself early on, always working hard to assure that he would meet those goals and never expecting that things would just come his way. He knew it would be hard but he was ready for the challenge! Rafael moved on to work for a large food chain, where he worked for about 15 years, working up from busser to waiter and the last few years in a management position. Rafael made sure he learned all he could so he would be able to use that knowledge when he opened his own business one day. So here we are full circle with his first set of goals accomplished:

  1. Rafael helped put the last of his siblings through school and has two beautiful children of his own, Sabrina and Jonathan.

  2. He built a house in Mexico and bought some land that belonged to his Grandfather. And last but certainly not least...

  3. He opened his own business.

If you took the time to read this I want to thank you for helping make Rafael's dream come true! Welcome to Cocina Medina!

Written by Alejandra Medina
AKA Alie, Rafael's wife

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